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Answers To Our Most Common Questions:



  • The pump is not working

Please check out this short video that usually solves 90% of pump-related problems: Pump Explainer Video

You can also check out our user's manual here (the manual includes an image of Version 1.0 of the BackReliever. We have since upgraded to Version 2.0...) 

The BackReliever has been upgraded and has a pump that connects directly to the belt, cutting out the need for a long complex tube.

Make sure to tighten and secure the nozzle when trying to pump your BackReliever: See here

  • What size waist does the BackReliever fit?
The BackReliever comes with an extension patch to fit any waist size up to 49 inches. The belt fits any waist size comfortably, from 29 to 49 inches.
  • Who SHOULDN'T use the BackReliever?
You should make sure to consult your doctor before using the BackReleiver if you suffer from any of the following conditions:
  •  Fracture in the thoracic vertebrae, lumbar, sacral vertebrae, pelvis, and ribs
  •  Extreme rheumatoid arthritis and rupture of the ligament
  •  Acute or traumatic injury to the spinal discs (fracture/break)
  •  Purulent tuberculosis spondylitis
  •  Lumbar disease caused by tuberculosis or tumor
  •  Ganglion or skeleton tumor
  •  Pregnant women and children should not use the BackReliever
  •  Extreme osteoporosis patients

  • Does the BackReliever help with my specific condition/problem?
The BackReliever can provide relief from all of the following problems, and more...
  •  Scoliosis-Related Pain
  •  Spondylitis
  •  Sciatica Pain
  •  Trouble Sleeping Due to Back Pain
  •  Aching Back From Sitting, Driving or Lifting
  • Spinal Stenosis-Related Pain
  •  Leg Pain Related to Degenerative Discs
  •  Chronic or Acute Back Pain
  •  Degenerative, Herniated or Bulging Discs
  •  Back Pain From Sports Or Activities
    As always, please consult your doctor before starting any new medical treatment, especially if you’ve recently undergone surgery.

    • How much is BackReliever?
    1 piece of BackReliever is priced at $79.95
    • Is this a one-time payment device?
    Our customer's health is our number 1 priority and we're happy to share that this device is a one-time payment only.

    • What exactly does the BackReliever do?
    The BackReliever gently decompresses your spine by inflating air pockets in the device, bringing your spine to its natural lengthened state and relieving the pain and pressure of your entire body’s weight pushing down on your sensitive lower spine joints and discs. Thousands of customers have reported a feeling of pressure being lifted off their lower back immediately upon inflating the BackReliever, as well as long-term healing with regular use.
    • Can I wear my BackReliever while moving around?
    Absolutely! The BackReliever doesn’t just decompress and relieve your spine, it also provides a strong level of support for your back, making it perfect for wearing while staying active and doing household chores, driving, playing sports, or lifting weights.
    • The pump is not working
    To resolve any issues with the pump, please follow this link to watch a short 60 second explainer video: BackReliever Pump Explainer Video


      You can use the KneeBliss up to twice a day, especially when experiencing knee discomfort. To incorporate KneeBliss into your daily routine, follow these steps:
      First Week: Use KneeBliss for 10-15 minutes once a day on each knee.
      After One Week: Increase usage to 20–30 minutes every other day while sitting or lying down.
      After Three Weeks: You can use KneeBliss anytime you want, and you'll likely feel significant knee relief.
      For detailed instructions, please refer to the KneeBliss manual by clicking this link: KneeBliss Manual
      Additionally, here's a video guide on how to operate KneeBliss for your reference: Video Guide



      You can refer to the NuuBliss manual for proper use and pressure adjustments by clicking this link: NuuBliss Manual.1 and NuuBliss Manual.2